Best Bluetooth Speaker Ranking of 2016 – DEFINITE TOP 3

To finish the year in style, I am bringing you my personal top 3 of bluetooth speaker ranking of 2016. I hope you like what I have to say about each one and if you have different thoughts, please leave me a comment! Let’s hop into the list:

#3 FUGOO Style – Portable Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker Longest Battery Life with Built-in Speakerphone

I wasn’t certain what’s in store. I have perused each survey here and accross the web for the Fugoo, UE Boom, Creative Roar, TDK A33, Libratone Zipp, both Bose, three Klipsch, Nyne Bass, Big Jambox and G-Boom. Such a large number of to browse and no store close-by to hear them all. It truly came down to the Boom and the Fugoo due to investigated sound quality, size, and sprinkle proofedness.The Big Jambox has been out for like 3 years. They ought to rev it yearly and call it the Big Jambox III or something, similar to Bose does, to make me in any event feel like they overhauled the tech. On the off chance that they had, I most likely wouldn’t have even done the exploration and recently purchased that one right of the bat.

UE Boom, which we will talk about next, and Fugoo checked all the cases. The main grumbling I found out about the Fugoo was clamor which it seemed like it was tended to in a few firmware overhauls. It had the best battery, most water confirmation, and possibly eensy bit better constancy. So I got it. The few days it took to get, I was worried that I ought to have purchased the Boom.

I opened the case, matched, put on some pink floyd. It sounded awesome yet unquestionably played far too tranquil. I had it turned up the distance, 3 feet from my significant other and she didn’t holler at me to turn it down. From somebody who gets irate when I bite too boisterous, that is stating something. I went to the site, downloaded firmware and put it on there. Effortless 5 minutes. I could presumably irritate her from the following room now.

I’m exceptionally cheerful. Its noteworthy building that they get the bass and sound quality from something so generally little. It addresses every one of my issues. I can’t state if its superior to anything the Boom, however I’m not by any stretch of the imagination stressed over it.




I already had a remote UE Boom speaker so I got the open door for a remote UE Boom 2 speaker. I’ve presented a photograph on demonstrate the distinctions. The UE Boom 2 is the one on the privilege. While the speakers are a similar size, the cases are distinctive. The astonishing 360 sound quality is the same yet the remote range is DOUBLE from the first. I didn’t break out a measuring tape yet the cases of 100 ft is about right.

They kept the substantial and – volume catches (simply tap to utilize) which is super helpful and they included the capacity of tapping the highest point of the speaker (utilize two fingers or it won’t work) once to respite/play and twice to avoid a tune. This element is extremely cool however did not work reliably. They additionally switched up the energizing and jack highlights. They are on the base of the Boom speaker and on top under elastic folds on Boom 2. I favor the open ports (more advantageous) over the secured yet I’m accepting it keeps it cleaner and avoids loss of capacity. They have additionally enhanced the playing time. I get around 9-12 hours on the first and 10-13 on the Boom 2; without a doubt, a slight change yet I’ll take it. I can’t figure out how to bend over a Boom and Boom 2 speaker however I have a call into Logitech to check whether this can be designed.

Generally, I LOVE the sound quality, comfort, and portability these speakers give and at an indistinguishable cost from the Boom, I would prescribe these for twofold the remote range. I may notwithstanding spring for the Mega Boom speaker.



#1  JBL Charge 3 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is in it, to win it. I claim the JBL Xtreme, the Charge 2 and now the Charge 3. In the event that I needed to pick one it would be the Charge 3. I cherish the sound of the Charge 2 yet the volume is not sufficiently boisterous. In the event that you will listen to the speaker ideal alongside you, the Charge 2 is great as the treble and bass are supported like a smiley confront eq setting. The Xtreme is essentially the same, treble and bass are helped and the volume goes truly uproarious, be that as it may it is not exceptionally versatile as it is a medium to bigger size speaker. The JBL Charge 3, then again, is a great deal littler than the Xtreme and somewhat bigger than the Charge 2 .

The sound is exceptionally all around adjusted with an accentuation on midrange and vocals. The treble and bass are not supported like the other two yet the volume can go twice as noisy as the Charge 2 and practically as uproarious as the Xtreme with less treble and bass yet with better midrange. In the event that you stream music utilizing Spotify on an iOS gadget you can go into the settings, into playback and conform the eq settings to help up the treble and bass a bit and make the Charge 3 sound far superior.

I need to give a yell out to Spotify for including a genuinely necessary eq that does not bring down the volume when enacted like most other eq applications do, including the one that comes coordinated with the iOS gadgets. When you initiate any of the diverse eq settings you can hear the volume somewhat diminish which drives me insane as a few speakers are not that noisy in the first place. Praise to Spotify for nailing it straight from the earliest starting point and credit to JBL for making an officially awesome speaker far superior and with double the volume level. Definitely a first place winner.




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